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Stepping into New World

New World Chapter

Greetings Keepers,

Following our summer invitation to Crowfall, a chapter that is now active and providing content, we are happy to invite you to a new chapter in Amazon’s New World.
KDS will form up once again for war, territory control and loads of fun.

NW is a game that combines character building with skill-based combat, provides territory control, 20v20 PvPvE scenarios, consensual PvP, city building, complex crafting and gathering, and loads of PVE instanced and open world dungeons and events.
KDS will open the chapter on September 28 with our well-known structure, squads will open up their doors for you to join right after the open beta ends and our officers will be ready to organize and provide content for you.



Open Beta will begin on September 9 at 7:00AM PT (2:00PM UTC) and continue until September 12 at 11:59PM PT (6:59AM UTC). Interested players will be able to request access beginning on September 8 at 7:00AM PT (2:00PM UTC).

Returning members use the application returning member option.



Crowfall MMORPG news Recruitment

Invitation to join KDS in Crowfall


Watch our video here:

Crowfall, the Throne War Simulator, is launching July 6 and we are, like always, ready to play the KDS Game.

Unlike many previous games with a fleeting experience, we already have a presence of over 30 months, during the Crowfall development, and according to our findings so far we will be here for a long time still.

Take Star Wars Galaxies (crafting part), combine it with The Elders Scrolls Online for open world, combat and skills, but much more complex, then add Hunger Games and throw in Darkfall sieges of large castles with battles scaling up to 200 players. Get the ambush vibes like in Darkfall in solo and small scale, and play group pvp in hunger games (scenarios, battle royale style). On top of all this, it’s based on campaigns, the maps change every few weeks, or so, and clear winners and rewards are given for every of those rounds.

KDS has been militarily organized since it’s creation. It is specifically designed to fight, organize and supply large armies of very well trained soldiers. Any player can expect to have content provided by the guild, regular and special training, gear outfitting and loads of group fun. Simply put, KDS is made for this type of game and is ready for Crowfall like almost never before.

Until launch the Test servers are still up. We will organise training sessions 3-4 times a week until launch. If you want to figure out how the game works, learn the truth about the current gameplay, figure out classes and what they do, pick your path and finally be ahead of the pack in knowledge, then you should check our training schedule on discord.

We look forward to the upcoming chapter of KDS history!

Crowfall MMORPG news



Once again we are officially announced on Crowfalls website.

KDS has been crafting Vessels in the ASATRU Campaign to benefit from the Crafting buff of the Mortuary (Necromancy Crafting Table in Keeps) and had to fight off attackers! Crowfall offers the most thrilling crafting Sessions in the Gaming World!

See official link: Here





We hope you will enjoy our more simplistic website, that’s aimed towards news and guides.

Forums are cut down to a minimum, as we have moved to towards Discord. It is however still available to use for all KDS members.

Don’t forget to join our Discord.


Crowfall MMORPG news 1



Keepers of the Dark Side [KDS] whose video has been selected as our Crowfall® War Story of the Week! This honor carries with it a prize of 500 crowns.

When catapults threaten to reduce their keep walls to rubble, KDS and their allies must decide whether to defensively hold their position or strike out in an offensive attack. The ability to use knowledge gleaned from past mistakes to help make quick, tactical decisions in the present can give even an outnumbered group the edge they need to take the throne.

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