KDS is a multi-gaming community founded in 2003 in Star Wars Galaxies on the Chimaera server, where it was the flag holder for the empire up until the release of the CU. We have consistently followed every AAA MMO available over the last 12 years, ensuring that with each and every game we gain knowledge and experience to bring into the next.
Our members are from all over the world, however our main core player base is from Europe. Diversity is what makes our community great with about 1000 members strong.

Over the years three things have defined us:
1. We are a driving force for our servers community and the games we play:
Be it by being hired to kill the Titan in FFXIV, our PvP experience, or for most advanced city on the EU server in DFUW.
2. We LOVE our PVP:
We cover small scale assaults, ambush tactics as well as the large scale, especially the latter with great proficiency.
3. We respect and involve everyone through our actions and our Code of Conduct:
Over the years KDS has learnt to become a leading community with a large player base and many diverse and amazing members. We encourage people to shine, create events and move up the ranks. If you want an opportunity to prove you can lead PVP, or create a better structure you have that opportunity.  
The Most Important goal of KDS is: To Have Fun and provide fun for it’s members.

Application policy

  • In order to become a KDS member go to recruitment on our website and choose one of the applications that suits you.
  • Make sure you read and understand the foreword before you submit your application.
  • Once the application is submitted:
    • A recruitment officer will process your application within a few hours.
  • Once your community application has been approved:
    • Your in game application can be approved only after the community membership has been approved. Keep in mind that we take your application very serious so take your time and put some effort into it.
    • You will have to install the TeamSpeak client and log on our server. 
    • Use Poke option on TS to attract attention. Any TS server Admin can help you get started. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance.


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