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CODE OF CONDUCT - Keepers of the DarkSide - Gaming Guild


General Behaviour

0.01: Rules of Behaviour apply at all times in all situations, unless otherwise noted. Appropriate offence level will be listed by every rule. The rules are subject to change, violations of the rules will lead to strikes and ultimately court-martial and possible expulsion from KDS. Upon receiving a 3rd strike within six months a member will lose his status as a Keeper and thus his KDS membership. The primary rule at all times is to have fun, don’t take the game too seriously.

0.02: A Court Martial is held when a Keeper faces several strikes or has performed a severe act against the interests of KDS. The Court Martial consists of Game Officers and/or members of the High Command. Before any strike is given evidence (screenshots, records, movies) will be examined and action taken accordingly. A strike can be appealed by the Keepers in question by requesting a Court Martial.

0.03: Keepers will not use derogatory or slanderous language, nor will a Keeper make comments about race, gender, religion, sexual preference, or creed. A true Keeper respects all other Keepers regardless of rank. Mutual respect is a founding stone of KDS.

0.04: Taunting of other players in a competitive/fun manner is allowed. However the line is drawn at harassment of other players. The KDS standard in combat or in hostile situations is to fight with honour and dignity, silent killing is encouraged. The semi-role-play style of our military operations is intended for the public forums and for the fun of the community.

0.05: We use a light RP system where Keepers are recommended to address each other by their respective rank in all public and guild channels. If you are not sure about the actual rank of a Keeper the use of Sir is suitable. It is acceptable to not use this light RP system.

0.06: All Keepers shall follow any order given from a superior officer who has command and the right to issue the specific order.

0.07: The use of cheats and exploits are considered dishonourable. This includes but is not limited to the use of “cheat codes”, hacks, trainers, bots or any other method deemed cheating or an exploit by the developers of the game or by the High Command. Keepers caught purchasing in game currency, where the game publisher does not legally allow such transactions, are subject to receive one strike.

0.08: While in public and representing KDS, Keepers are expected to act with honour, dignity and show respect for other players. Actions of a Keeper reflect upon KDS a whole.

0.09: Conflicts with Keepers and allies should be handled privately. Posting grievances in public is not allowed. If a Keeper has a severe problem with something that is going on in KDS, they can bring this to an officer; remember officers are here to serve.

0.10: Trolling, spamming or flaming will not be tolerated on the KDS forums or any public forums as a Keeper. Links to websites or images containing cheats, vulgar material, pornography and other material that is deemed unsuitable by the High Command, or illegal by the Country in which our website is hosted is forbidden. We reserve the right to notify the proper authorities if a member violates the Community Standard, End User License Agreement, or the Terms of Service as defined by the Game publisher.

0.11: Keepers will assist each other as well as all allies and neutral civilians when possible.

0.12: If a member commits an act of Treason against KDS they shall face Court Martial or immediate expulsion from KDS. Treason is defined as aiding an enemy of KDS or attempting to disrupt the well-being/unity of KDS. Immediate expulsion can be carried away only by a HC member or Game Co/Xo.

0.13: Upon entering the game Keepers will be online on Voice Communications.

0.14: When a Call to Arms (CTA) is issued all online Keepers are expected to report to the CTA caller and follow orders until the CTA is called off or they need to log off. The CTA system is not to be abused. Only an officer of the rank of Major and above or the chapters Guild Leader can issue a CTA, unless special permission has been granted by the KDS High Command.


1.01: Membership in KDS is a privilege, not a right; a member, recruit, or applicant can be denied membership by KDS High Command for any reason.

1.01.1: KDS does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual preference, nationality, or creed.

1.02: Membership in KDS is obtained through a process designed to make sure that the applicant meets the needs, requirements, and desires of KDS for its members, and that KDS meets the needs, and desires of the applicant. An Applicant may have their application terminated at any time.

1.03: The Application process:
1) To apply to KDS a prospective applicant must first register with our forum.
2) After the applicant has registered, he must submit an application online in the public section of our forum following the template of the game in question.
3) There will be a brief probationary period, usually of two weeks in length, the length of an applicants probationary period is subject to change at the discretion of the High Command or Recruiting Officers.
4) During the probationary period, the applicant must attend a Boot Camp event that will take place in that period of time.
5) After successful completion of probationary period, an applicant will become a full member of KDS and will choose their squad.

1.04: Squad Transfers: A member may request to be transferred to a different unit/corp. Transfers are subject to approval by the High Command, to successfully transfer, a member must have an appropriate skill/class for that unit/corps/squad.

1.05: Selecting a Corps: There are two Corps in KDS , the Army Corps and the Civilian Corps. The Army Corps is our organized Legion of combatants, and will mainly focus on PvP. The Civilian Corps is our crafting unit, they’re goal is to assist the Military and also to establish our economic domination of various markets. Upon finishing the training period a member can immediately join one of them or both if they want to dedicate time to both.

1.06: Sometimes, in certain competitive games, Keepers will not be allowed to become members of other guilds on same server as KDS without approval by the High Command. If you don’t have the approval and you still want to play in another guild you will loose your membership to the community. If you want to return later on, for same game or another, you can make a ‘Returning Member Application’ which will be subject to approval. Making a habit of switching guilds will lead to permanent loss of community membership.

Promotion and Ranks

2.01: Promotion in KDS is based on merit, not on seniority. Those who deserve a promotion and meet the qualifications for a leadership position will receive a promotion as long as there is an available position open. The best way to receive a promotion is to show initiative, good judgement and uphold the CoC. If an officer is not fulfilling his obligations he will be asked to step down or receive a reduction in rank, this is not meant as a punishment, this is meant to make sure that KDS continues to function efficiently and to keep dedicated Keepers in positions of leadership.

2.02: Promotions are handled within the structure of each Corps, a Civilian leader cannot promote a military member, a military leader cannot promote a civilian Keeper. Promotions within a unit will be handled by the unit’s commander within the limits of his mandate with one exception, all Recruits must attend Boot Camp, and take a test in the KDS values and thus advance to the rank of Private. Promotions must also follow the guidelines set forth by the Corps Commander. Ultimately all promotions are subject to the approval by the High Command. The KDS ranks and positions are intertwined, most of the times, along with being commissioned to a certain position, an officer will also receive the appropriate rank.

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