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Keepers of the Dark Side [KDS] whose video has been selected as our Crowfall® War Story of the Week! This honor carries with it a prize of 500 crowns.

When catapults threaten to reduce their keep walls to rubble, KDS and their allies must decide whether to defensively hold their position or strike out in an offensive attack. The ability to use knowledge gleaned from past mistakes to help make quick, tactical decisions in the present can give even an outnumbered group the edge they need to take the throne.

The 24 of the Whitehall Citadel Siege   “EU Balance is leading in points, yet they need more help! So players from top US guild Winterblades and Hy’shen Avari are joining the fight on the EU server. They gather up 35 people to crush us!” 


Got a war story of your own? Submit your war stories on Twitter with the hashtags #CrowfallGame #warstories. We’ll select one every Wednesday to be our War Story of the Week, awarding the sharing contributor 500 crowns. Crowns can be used in our store to purchase items such as parcels, buildings and guild-related perks including “Reserve Guild Name” and “Expanded Heraldry” options.

The stories told by our community of Crows are destined to become Crowfall history, the tales that will be remembered and retold for years to come. Share your war story with us and secure your place in Crowfall legend!

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  • Gen.Xaint
    Gen. Xaint
    Apr 18, 2020 1:57 pm

    Excellent war story.